World Literature Course:

Literature, Writing, and Grammar 

World Lit. Curriculum Map (PDF)
World Lit. Curriculum Map Skills Included (PDF)

World Literature Curriculum Map

OverviewThe course includes 7 units. For a traditional schedule, you will likely be able to teach 3-4 units per semester as time allows. Three bonus units are included if you would like to use one of these instead of one of the 7 units listed here.

If this course schedule looks overwhelming for the time you have with your students, do not feel you need to do every unit. Choose the units that you think will be most compelling for your students and focus on those.

A compelling essential question guides all of the literature units; these questions can be connected back to the year-long essential question which acts as the unifying idea for the whole course. By the end of the course, students should be able to wrestle with the year-long essential question in a deep and meaningful way by considering the texts that they have encountered throughout the year.  

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