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Overwhelmed with  planning for your English and Language Arts classes?

WHAT'S INSIDE: Hundreds of low-prep lessons for high school English that will engage your students from the moment they walk in the door. 

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Overwhelmed with planning for your English classes?

What's inside: Over two hundred engaging lessons for high school English.

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We provide secondary English teachers with the resources you need to deliver relevant, engaging, research-based lessons that your students will love. 

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Get access to over 250 grammar, writing, and literature resources today with more units being added every month.

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English Teacher Vault contains over 250 literature-inspired resources that emphasize real-world relevance and writing craft. Find out more here. 

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Free resources for secondary English teachers:

Enhance your English and Language Arts classes with free activities and resources.

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What Teachers Are Saying:

"This is everything I've ever wanted in a grammar curriculum! The first time I used this lesson in my classroom, my jaw was practically on the floor with the level of engagement that my classes had in the lesson and the content."  

Antoinette V. 

"My students thoroughly enjoyed these resources. It's the most engagement I've gotten all year!" 

Katherine H.

"We loved the Imagined Life unit, and I plan to use it over and over again! My students were fully engaged and excited to see if they could properly identify the subjects in the podcast. So, great job, and thank you for giving me a phenomenal non-fiction unit to use with my kids."

Anna W.

"The curriculum is well organized, VERY well explained, and easily adaptable! The slides and notes can all be edited, there are lots of opportunities for student creativity and discussion. I highly recommend this product!"

Chelsea B.

"Wonderful resource! My students were able to be successful with their learning tasks, thanks to this resource. Thank you!"


"Detailed lesson plans are included with purpose, objectives, materials needed, and step-by-step instructions. The slides to accompany the guided notes are amazing as well. I also appreciate how the materials are to the point without extra fluff. Perfect for high school students. Thank you!!"

Abby G.

Walk into your classroom confident that your lesson will work. 


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